Edward Snowden on Privacy vs. Security in the Surveillance Age

‘When many people think about privacy they think about their facebook settings, but privacy is actually the fountainhead of all our rights.’ The New York Times

World Outlook: Fashions for the Future

The costume designer for “Mad Max: Fury Road” imagines how we’ll survive — and what we’ll be wearing as we do so — in the years ahead.

Demanding a Diverse Diet

We aren’t really meant to be cooking with field corn, which means we shouldn’t be planting it in the first place. By Dan Barber

Scarlett Johansson: Challenging Hollywood’s Boundaries

With the film industry lagging in terms of diversity, what’s the impact on actors, and all those who help to create our imaginary worlds? By Patti Sonntag

How to Choose What Makes Us Happy

In a messy and chaotic world, removing the clutter from our lives begins with one simple question.

Events to Shake, or Gently Rattle, the World in 2017

Plan the year ahead with international events including a pop-up festival in the south african desert and a “star trek”-themed cruise. By Masha Goncharova

The Year in Cartoons

© 2016 The New York Times Distributed by The New York Times Syndicate OCTOBER TRUMP MAKES LEWD REMARKS ABOUT WOMEN Leaked audio of the Republican presidential nominee...

Year in Photos

© 2016 The New York Times Distributed by The New York Times Syndicate JULY: VIGILANTE VIOLENCE IN THE PHILIPPINES Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines, was elected...

2016 Through the Lens of 3 Artistic Works

The works of art that were among the most discussed of the year were monumental, historical, environmental. A lake-spanning installation by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, JR’s billboard-sized artworks at the Olympics, and a replica of one of Syria’s most prized archaeological treasures, a Roman arch that stood in Palmyra, all filled in blank spaces, reminding us of what was missing or what we hadn’t yet explored. Here, the creators explain their work.