The Dangers of an Illiberal Democracy

When leaders use a democratic mandate to enrich themselves and crack down on the opposition, no one wins.

A Political System Under Pressure

Tens of millions of people are in flight, and globalization has brought rapid, difficult changes to many economies around the world. Is democracy strong enough to withstand the challenges?

Edward Snowden on Privacy vs. Security in the Surveillance Age

‘When many people think about privacy they think about their facebook settings, but privacy is actually the fountainhead of all our rights.’ The New York Times

The Conversation: What is the Future of Migration?

Millions around the world are fleeing repression and violence. Should societies never close their doors to the needy and oppressed? By The New York Times

At War Over the Right Kind of Peace in Colombia

“I have to trust that we are bringing to the table something much bigger than our own pain: a guarantee that our children will not suffer what we did.”

As Anti-Globalization Sentiments Surge, It’s Time for a Reset

If more trade barriers are imposed and globalization slows, all nations will lose out.

It is time for pragmatism

An apology for Khaleda Zia-proposed plans